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The story of Kafka’s Organic really started with Kafka the Siamese. In 2017, when Kafka’s meowmy, Sarah, started researching a good food for Kafka, her eyes were opened to the problems in the world of pet food, the number of recalls, the lack of transparency and the horrible ingredients that were being routinely used in commercial pet diets.

Sarah was in the process of completing her PhD in Pathology and knew the importance of a healthy diet in disease prevention. She was shocked to find that pet food is not regulated in the US and Canada, allowing for all sorts of diseased meats from the kill floor and harmful ingredients to enter the pet food chain. No wonder so many pets were developing food allergies!

In the next few months, Sarah started recipe testing homemade diets for Kafka, adding fresh vegetables, locally-sourced meat and healthy supplements like Omega-3 fish oil. Today, Kafka’s Organic aims to innovate pet food by offering a minimally-processed, 100% human-grade and healthy option for pet parents to feed their beloved pets.

Sarah with Kafka in 2017


Kafka today, contemplative as ever


The family has expanded! Meet Gatsby, rescued by VOKRA


Kafka and Gatsby enjoy cuddling together (and protesting when pictures are taken of them)

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