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Farm-to-Bowl Pet Food

Freshly made & Delivered Locally

Human-grade, fresh ingredients

We love our pets, and want them at their canine and feline best! That’s why we decided to make fresh pet food using whole ingredients and nothing else. Our recipes are simple, balanced and wholesome. Best of all, they go crazy for it!

No preservatives, additives or fillers

Just like with healthy meals for humans, a fresh diet for your pet means real ingredients rather than meals composed of artificial additives and fillers. A fresh diet for your cat or dog needs to be refrigerated, and is NOT shelf-stable for months on end, just like the fresh food you eat.

Nutritionally Balanced

All our recipes are formulated to meet AAFCO guidelines so you can rest easy and they can live healthy. 


What I love most about Kafka's cat food is that it looks like something I would eat myself! I'm happy to feed my cat this brand. 

Great quality frozen food! We are using this as a supplement to our cat's diet. She loves them!

The food was fantastic. They enjoyed it and it I felt confident that they were getting everything that they need in their meals.