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Lack of Nutrition in Processed Pet Food

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Easy to Feed Dog Food

It's just as easy to feed high-quality fresh dog food as it is to feed kibble. Kafka's meals come in resealable, ready-to-serve pouches. Simply thaw, scoop & serve! Store leftovers in the fridge for quick access at next mealtime. 

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Also Serving Finicky Felines!

Nutritionally Complete Cat Food

Avoid death glares & feed fresh food to your picky cat. Species-appropriate healthy cat meals without all the byproducts, fillers, artificial additives & preservatives. She will thank you! 

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Pet Parents Are Loving Fresh Meals!

"Moki is a picky eater and legitimately gobbled this up, so much so he might barf! I could not be happier about a product and the fact that I'm supporting local. For all my Vancouverites, go get your hands on some! You won't be disappointed."


Laurie & Khalo @beelaurie

"Never knew healthy food can taste this good, I ruff it!!! Once again thank you Kafka's Organic for letting me try out healthy local foods." 



"Our 1 year old corgi LOVED it! She is a picky eater. We used this as a kibble topper and she cleared her bowl in minutes and wanted seconds! The quality of ingredients is definitely amazing - you can see all the chunks of protein and our pup loves the texture. I definitely recommend their products"


Kristine & Otoro @otorothecorgo

"My dog Kobe has a lot of allergies and cant eat certain foods, so it was really awesome that the ingredients were so simple and easy to read! The food is made from simple real ingredients and it makes me feel better knowing exactly what my dog is eating. Overall highly recommend Kafka's organic wet food to anyone with dogs with lots of allergies!!"


Pamela & Kobe

"My dogs go crazy for Kafka’s. And I enjoy having complete transparency with their ingredients, and the high quality of said ingredients that are in every bite. It’s amazing that it’s human grade..! We recommend anyone who is curious to get this for their pup to give them a try, and we truly believe that it’ll be love at first bite!"


Jennifer & Daisy/Nulo @therealdaisylou

"Best real food for pets that is out there!!! I came across Kafka’s Organic and gave it a try. A week following the diet, my furry baby started having his beautiful coat back again, gained some healthy weight and started being active and playful again. Thank you so much for his renewed health!!"


Priya & Spider

"We added Kafka as a topper on top of Eevee’s regular kibble and she would eat Kafka first before her kibble. It is also great to see the use of local and organic ingredients so we have an ease of mind of what we are putting in our fur baby’s system. We are a fan!"


Lena & Eevee @eevee.shibainu

"Isolda is the pickiest cat I've ever seen and she loved it!!!" 


Millie & Tilda/Isolda @tildatheblepcat