Fresh, Natural Dog Food

Kafka’s Organic fresh natural dog food meals have been specially formulated to meet every nutritional need of your dog by combining simple, high-quality, clean ingredients with a touch of scientific ingenuity for a limited-ingredient diet that’s nutritious, delicious, and irresistible #FueledByFresh

You eat well, now your dog can too!

Fresh natural dog food flavours

Turkey Delight - Fresh Dog Food
Beef Bone Fantasy - Fresh Dog Food
Ocean Fish Feast - Fresh Dog Food
Chicken Chunk Bliss - Fresh Dog Food
Juicy Pork Potluck - Fresh Dog Food
Pumpkin No Spice (with Beef) - Fresh Dog Food
Savoury Beef Broth
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Turkey Delight, But Smooshed - Fresh Dog Food
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Kickin' Chicken Gravy

With fresh food, you can make sure your pup is eating natural dog food that’s full of high-quality, clean, ingredients. Fresh, home-cooked, hypoallergenic dog food removes the need for harmful additives, lowering the chances of triggering a food-related allergy in your pet. It’s safe for sensitive stomachs too! You’ll see an improvement in your pet’s overall health and coat in just 2 weeks of feeding natural dog food.

Take out the guesswork–figure out exactly how much food your dog should be eating

Holistic health

Immune support

Natural Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants from whole ingredients like Organic Kale, Carrots & Bone Broth support a healthy immune system especially great for seniors and pets dealing with health issues.

High-quality protein

Kafka's fresh natural dog food meals contain 100% Human-Grade Lean Beef, Lean Turkey, Pacific Wild Salmon, Cod &  Rockfish (all sourced in BC) to provide essential amino acids for proper muscle development, higher energy levels, and an appetizing diet.  

Tasty bone broth

Picky eater dog proofed!

Kafka's fresh food recipes are created with slow simmered Bone Broth for natural great taste. Unlike kibble, we don't need artificial enhancers or additives because freshness speaks for itself!