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Re-imagine processed pet food with healthy, whole, fresh, natural pet food–sourced locally, delivered to your door. Learn more about the fresh difference.

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At Kafka's, our mission is to innovate the highest-quality fresh pet food so your furry family can be their healthiest, happiest self.  Join us in our mission by signing up for our newsletter. 

Formulated with care

Your pet's health is serious to us, and we make it our job to vet every fresh, natural food recipe (pun intended!). Board-certified veterinary nutritionists have carefully reviewed Kafka's recipes to ensure nothing is missing, and no ingredient in excess, to ensure all fresh food recipes are vet-approved.

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Simple, versatile feeding options

We know first-hand that pet parents are trying their best to feed the healthiest food to their pet. Kafka's is supportive of all feeding styles and encourages incorporating fresh food to your pet's diet in however capacity your budget and lifestyle allow.

Made local

Locally-sourced and produced, Vancouver fresh pet food delivery

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