Natural, Fresh Cat Food

Kafka’s Organic fresh cat food is hypoallergenic and specially formulated to cover all the bases of complete cat nutrition. We combine simple, clean ingredients with a touch of scientific ingenuity to create fresh cat food recipes that are nutritious, delicious, and irresistible. Cats are notoriously finicky eaters, but when you offer them a natural cat food diet, their feline instincts will lead them to eat what’s best #FueledByFresh

You eat well, now your cat can too!

Natural, fresh cat food flavours

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Ocean Fish Feast - Fresh Cat Food
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Turkey Delight - Fresh Cat Food
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Lamb Affair - Fresh Cat Food
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Savoury Beef Broth
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Kickin' Chicken Gravy

With fresh cat food, you can make sure your feline friend is eating natural cat food that’s full of high-quality, clean, ingredients. Fresh pet food removes the need for harmful additives, lowering the chances of triggering a food-related allergy (unfortunately quite common). It’s safe for sensitive stomachs too! You’ll see an improvement in your pet’s overall health and coat in just 2 weeks of feeding fresh hypoallergenic cat food.

Take out the guesswork – a feeding guide for cats to figure out exactly how much food they should be eating

Essential amino acid


Taurine is an essential amino acid that’s necessary for healthy heart muscle function, as well as vision. Kafka's fresh, hypoallergenic cat food recipes include a vitamin & mineral blend that includes Taurine for complete feline nutrition.

High-quality protein

At Kafka’s, all of our ingredients in our natural and hypoallergenic cat food are 100% human-grade. Additionally, all of our fresh meat, including lean lamb, lean turkey, pacific wild salmon, cod & rockfish, is sourced locally in BC to support the local community and ensure optimum quality.

These clean, lean proteins contain essential amino acids for proper development, urinary tract health & digestive support. Plus, gently cooked fresh cat food is great for adding moisture to your cat's diet for kitties commonly not staying as hydrated as they should be. It’s essential a cat’s nutrition is sourced from healthy, fresh ingredients, just like our own diets. We’re dedicated to providing the freshest, most natural fresh cat food to keep your feline friends healthy and fit for a long and active life.

Omega 3 fish oil

Natural fatty acids

Human-grade omega 3 fatty acids in our fresh cat food recipes help support immune health in cats and give them a healthy, lustrous coat! In just two weeks you’ll be able to see and feel a difference.

Convenient to receive, convenient to feed

Kafka’s makes it simple to feed your whole household healthy... furry family included! It's just as easy to feed high-quality, fresh, natural dog food as it is to feed kibble. Our fresh pet food meals are delivered to your door in resealable packs for easy thawing and storing. Just pick your fresh cat food flavor, thaw out a pack, scoop, and serve. Store the rest in the fridge and repeat at the next meal.

Amazing taste

Picky eater approved!

If you keep thinking "ugh, my cat won't eat", try fresh home-cooked cat food as full meals, meal mixers, or dry food toppers. Even the most finicky of felines love Kafka’s!