10 Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Vancouver & Metro Vancouver

10 Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Vancouver & Metro Vancouver

Are you trying to find an area for your dog to run free? You’re not the only one. Although many people are calling for more off-leash friendly areas for dogs, Metro Vancouver does have some lovely off-leash parks and spaces for dogs. We’ve compiled a list of neighbourhood favourite off-leash dog parks in Vancouver!

Tips about off-leash dog parks in Vancouver

  • If you are just starting to go to dog parks or are unsure about how your dog will react, go during a less busy time
  • Make sure your dog comes in calmly and says hi politely to other dogs (many dogs don’t like other dogs running straight at them)
  • Many people recommend socializing puppies with other puppies first in another environment as many older dogs can have issues with puppies
  • Be friendly with other owners and learn about the other dogs – everyone’s dogs are different, and most dog owners are responsible
  • Bring water or a long line to be prepared for multiple situations
  • Be careful with treats as some dogs are totally friendly until food appears! You may not know this and it’s better to give your dog treats discreetly
  • Dog spats and fights happen so always be vigilant!
Golden retrievers at off leash dog park Vancouver

Cooper Park | 1020 Marinaside Crescent in Yaletown

This great off-leash park is a huge grassy area next to False Creek. It has lots of space for doggies to run and water fountains for them in the warmer months. Just keep in mind that the off-leash dog area has no fencing and is beside a bike path and playground for kids. Make sure your dog has great recall before exploring this great place or try bringing a long line!

dog overlooking Vancouver off leash dog park

Charleson Dog Park | 999 Charleson Street in Fairview

Just on the other side of False Creek is Charleson Park that also has an amazing, partially fenced dog park for dogs off leash. One of the unique features of this park is a small waterfall and pond that dogs can happily enjoy! This is one of the most popular off-leash dog areas in Vancouver so it does get quite muddy during the wet Vancouver winters.

close up of dog at Vancouver dog park

Queen Elizabeth Dog Park | 178 W 37th Ave in Riley Park

Queen Elizabeth Dog Park is a simple dog park of just grassy space and no fences. That being said it’s one of the larger areas for dogs to run around. Best yet, there’s beautiful gardens and sights to see with your dog on-leash as well! Remember to bring water for your furry friend, especially on warmer days.

Group of pups at off leash dog beach in Vancouver

Spanish Banks Beach | 4783 NW Marine Drive in West Point Grey

This amazing space has something for everyone, whether you’re a human or a four-legged friend. There’s a large grassy area, good for playing fetch, as well as a specified off-leash area on the beach (all unfenced). If you’re able to, catching low tide at Spanish Banks is absolutely amazing and gives the dogs a lot of extra room to play and explore. Plan appropriately for busy hours and sunny days in the summer as it becomes very full!

Hadden Beach | 100 Chestnut Street in Kitsilano

Probably the most popular dog-friendly beach in Greater Vancouver, Hadden Beach is easily accessible and generally a great area for off-leash dogs. Although there are no fences, the beach area is secluded with logs as small makeshift barriers to give dogs some sense of barriers. There’s lots of room here and dogs love to run up and down in the cool water.

Shiba at off leash dog park forest

Pacific Spirit Park | Various entry points along West 16th Ave in West Point Grey

Many people consider Pacific Spirit Park a great place as a hike. In fact, it’s a huge park with lots of trails and some of the happiest dogs. Many people feel safer bringing their dogs off-leash here because it’s secluded and there are less issues between dogs here. Since there’s so much space, dogs just greet each other and move on with their owners. Pet parents will also enjoy this beautiful, calming walk very close to downtown Vancouver!

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Dog at off leash dog park in Vancouver by the water

New Brighton Park | 3201 New Brighton Road in Burnaby Heights

New Brighton dog park is a fully fenced dog park. It is a gated off-leash enclosure east of the downtown Vancouver area. It’s mostly flat and grassy, meaning it’s great for dogs to run in and play fetch. With double gates and its large size, there isn’t much crowding at the doors, which is great for more reactive or nervous dogs. There is also beach access for dogs in another area of the park, but keep in mind the beach area is smaller and not fenced.

dogs walking along Vancouver off leash dog beach

McDonald Beach Dog Park | 3500 McDonald Road in Richmond

Are you able to travel a little further from the downtown area? Check out McDonald Park that has a great off-leash beach area for dogs, as well as some trails! Although it’s more out of the way, this huge dog beach and other off-leash areas are popular among dogs and their owners. Since there’s very little traffic nearby and lots of free parking, McDonald Beach Dog Park is an awesome, relaxed place to visit.

Fraser River Dog Park | 8705 Angus Drive in Marpole

Across the river from McDonald Beach Dog Park is Fraser River Dog Park. This is another hidden gem right on the water that is tranquil and beautiful! Fraser River Dog Park boasts a large unfenced grassy area, as well as boardwalks and beach access. With many things to do and lots of space, both you and your pup will enjoy your visit here.

dog at off leash dog park

Blackie Spit Park | 3136 McBride Ave. in Surrey

This awesome park with lots of features is found in South Surrey. Enter through one of three double-gated entrances into plenty of open space for dogs to run and play. It has a poop station, a gazebo for pet parents, and benches scattered. If your pup is tired of socializing, you can also try the short trails or the doggy swim area. We love an off-leash park that provides lots of options for both you and your dog!

Now you know some of the best dog parks in Vancouver and other spaces to take your dog for exercise. Remember to take the proper precautions and stay smart and safe while out and about. Did we miss any great off-leash areas you love? Leave us a comment below. We always enjoy learning about more places to go and meet great dog friends!

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