Common dog food allergies can be fixed with homemade or freshly-cooked dog food

Common dog food allergies can be fixed with homemade or freshly-cooked dog food-Kafka's Organic

Just like humans, dogs can have allergies. The only difference is that they have no way of telling us when the bad ingredients in dog food are upsetting them. As a result, we often only find out that our furry companion is suffering from allergies only after physical symptoms appear. However, there is one way you can prevent dog allergies before they even begin and that’s with premium homemade dog food.

Most Common Dog Food Allergens 

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Studies show that 10% of all dog allergies are food allergies. Food intolerance is another type of common dog allergies that falls within its own category. To eliminate the risk of dog food allergies and food intolerance, it’s important to choose a type of food that doesn’t use the bad ingredients commonly found in popular bags of dog food.

If you believe your dog is experiencing dog food allergies or if you want to eliminate the risk altogether before they even begin, take our online feeding guide to discover the best homemade dog food for your pooch.  


Just like you, your furry companion may also be lactose intolerant. This often leads to diarrhea, gas, or vomiting; all lactose intolerance symptoms with dogs will appear as digestive issues.

If your dog is experiencing a dairy allergy, this type of dog food allergy often appears on the skin. So, if your dog has been scratching more often, licking their feet, or rubbing their rear on the carpet for relief, they could be experiencing a dairy allergy. 


For humans dealing with a dairy allergy, the quick fix is to switch to soy. However, this is not necessarily a plausible option for dogs with allergies as soy in dog foods have shown to cause may health issues. Dog food allergies is one of the issues, but soy can lead to liver disease in dogs, thyroid, and reductive and growth problems, according to some studies. So, if you’ve been feeding your pooch some soy, it’s time to switch over to homemade dog food.


Some dog’s immune systems overreact to the large content of protein in egg yolks. As a result, dog food allergy symptoms present themselves when they have eggs. This can be difficult to determine, especially if your pooch can handle other types of protein. Fortunately, eggs are fairly easy to eliminate from your dog’s diet if this ingredient is causing allergies


Grains can be a hit or miss for dogs. Some can handle them like a champ and others will experience dog food allergies. It isn’t that carbohydrates are bad for dogs, but some have a harder time digesting them than others. If you think this may be a dog food allergy your furry companion is dealing with, take our free online feeding guide to find the perfect feeding style for your dog.

Meat Products

Dogs can be allergic to nearly any food ingredient, including meat products. However, similar to wheat, there are some meats that are more likely to cause an allergic reaction for dogs than others, such as beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and rabbit. The good news is that if you find your dog is allergic to beef, that doesn’t mean that they are allergic to all meats and a quick switch over to chicken, pork, lamb, or fish can be an ideal solution.

It’s also important to mention that if your dog is experiencing dog food allergies and you think it’s the meat in the food you’re currently feeding them, this may not be the case. Many trendy dog foods contain low quality meat products and by-products packed with chemicals, toxins, preservatives, growth hormones, etc. So, it may not be the meat that they’re allergic to but rather, the quality of meat they’re eating. Take our free online feeding guide to see the best homemade style dog food solutions for your pooch.

Fresh food as an alternative

Eliminate dog food allergies and the symptoms and risks that come with them by feeding your dog a delicious, healthy bowl of homemade dog food. Our Kafka’s Organic homemade dog food is made with real food that’s free of preservatives and additives. We make homemade dog food customized to your pooch based on their weight, age, and body condition score. Shop our homemade dog food that caters premium, delicious, healthy ingredients to your furry companion.

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