Spotlight on Dog Food Delivery in Canada

Spotlight on Dog Food Delivery in Canada

If you researched your pup's food options you may have noticed that most brands of kibble are heavily processed, including powders like chicken meal containing meat from deceased livestock, and artificial preservatives which keep them shelf-stable for years!  The quality of meat/other ingredients used in these products are also unknown. 

Instead of feeding processed food, more and more pet parents are switching to healthier options, to give their pup a longer, healthier life. Human-grade, gently cooked fresh food is a safe, healthy and tasty option for even the pickiest of picky eaters. We have complied a list of dog food delivery companies across Canada (including ourselves ;)) which all provide healthy, fresh meals with the connivence of home delivery.


Dog is laying on a deck with a box of Kabo Fresh pet food sitting next to him

Formulated by consulting with top canine specialists, Kabo has your pet in mind when it comes to healthy dog food. With select grain-free options like chicken and lamb, it is a brand and taste catered to the pickiest of eaters. Kabo is produced in Canada with locally sourced, fresh ingredients, no artificial flavours or colours and is formulated to meet AAFCO standards. Satisfaction for pets and pet parents is guaranteed.

Their prescription pet food delivery service offers shipping across Canada and caters to your pets needs with a personalized questionnaire. Plans start at $2.40 per day and gradually increase based on your pet's feeding plan.

Tom and Sawyer

small dog is sitting in a Tom and Sawyer fresh pet food delivery box on the front step of a house

Tom and Sawyer is another subscription dog food delivery service serving North American pets and pet owners. Created out of a need for higher quality, fresh pet food for her own dog, Founder Kristin, made it her mission to create an option that smelled as good as it tasted.

Assisted by a team of veterinarians, pet nutritionists and chefs, Tom and Sawyer strive to produce human grade products that taste so great that they even undergo human trials before being approved. If you have a feline accomplice, they also have cat foods that can be added to your subscription.

Before signing up with the subscription service, Tom and Sawyer presents a short questionnaire in order to establish any dietary concern and/or allergies. Once that has been completed your orders will be automatically delivered to your door! While they ship across North America, there is an option for free dog food delivery in Toronto, or you can choose to shop at their select list of retailers. 


dog is sticking his head inside a box of Nutricanine raw pet food delivery

Nutricanine is another fresh pet food company offering delivery and subscription services in Canada. Unlike the other brands mentioned above, NutriCanine offers both fresh and raw dog food delivery options. 

If you are a raw feeder, you can take advantage of their raw dog food monthly delivery plan. All of their meals are made using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, catered to the picky eaters of the canine world. They pride themselves on their lack of antibiotics, fillers and preservatives with each meal labeled as “human-edible” (not that we suggest you try your pet’s raw food). 

Their subscription dog food delivery service extends across Canada and they do offer free shipping within the province of Ontario. Cost of the subscription service is based on a variety of factors such as activity level, age and weight but average cost is usually around $2.30 per day.

Kafka’s Organic

dog is laying on the ground surrounded by a bags of kafkas organic fresh pet meals

Whether you are dealing with a picky eater or simply want to explore meal plans that feature human grade, fresh and high quality ingredients, Kafka’s got you covered. Founded based on a need for healthier options devoid of preservatives and additives, Kafka’s grew out of love, wanting only the best for our pets.

Using only locally sourced, human grade ingredients, Kafka’s Organic fresh meals are gently cooked with your pet in mind. All recipes are formulated with assistance from board certified vet nutritionists, to ensure both correct balance as well as taste. Kafka's was designed with connivence in mind, with resealable pouches, ready-to-serve meals, and easy to store fresh frozen food.

Kafka's products are available from retailers across Greater Vancouver, as well as through our website and delivery to your door. There is also an option to automate your pets meals with our subscription service and take advantage of the free dog food delivery in Vancouver and surrounding areas.

If you are a pet parent outside of British Columbia, no need to worry because Kafka’s is expanding across the country! Our fresh dog food delivery will be accessible across all of Canada very soon. Sign up for our newsletter for more details!

Lucky Dog Cuisine

a bowl of fresh pet food from lucky dog cusine and a dog is sniffing into the bowl. There are packages of lucky dog cusine pet meals on the side of the bowl

Based out of Toronto Canada, Lucky Dog Cuisine, is a brand with values rooted in family tradition. With the assistance of her mother, founder Meghan sought to bring about healthy change to the mainstream pet food industry, by creating and formulating her own homemade recipes.

Their motto “if you wouldn't eat, don’t feed it to your dog!” is a testament to the level of human grade ingredients used to prepare your pet’s fresh meals. Using Canadian sourced ingredients, Lucky Dog Cuisine strives to continue making an impact in the industry by feeding pets like the family that they are!

This fresh pet food company is available in select Toronto retailers or offers a monthly dog food delivery service including 14lbs of food for a total of $150, billed monthly.

All Good Dog Food

All good dog food meatloaf is on a serving platter with raw, fresh ingredients in the background

All Good Dog Food is a fresh pet food company based in Toronto Canada, with a slight twist to their product. Instead of the traditional way of presenting fresh pet food, this brand offers their product as a meatloaf.

Driven by a need for healthy options without fillers and chemicals, All Good Dog Food was born. Their meals are gently cooked and delivered to you frozen for a quick and easy way to get your pet’s the best nutritional value possible. They offer three select flavours: chicken, lamb and beef. 

You can find All Good Dog food at select retailers in southern BC and Toronto and surrounding areas. Unlike other brands mentioned above, you cannot purchase online, and can only get these products through physical retailers. 

Find the perfect healthy food for your dog by using our feeding calculator and discovering Kafka’s Organic!

image depiciting the differences between some of the biggest fresh pet food delivery services in Canada


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