Top 5 Best Canadian Pet Insurance Plans

Top 5 Best Canadian Pet Insurance Plans

We get you, your pet is your family, and you want to protect them from anything and everything. Having pet insurance offers a safety net of protection in an accident or sudden illness, making sure you can afford to take care of your pup or kitty no matter what comes your way. 

There are many pet insurance companies  in Canada, with a variety of coverage options. Some pet insurance policies only cover accidents or unexpected illnesses, while others offer all-inclusive packages that also include routine check-ups. Pet insurance can be an extremely valuable safeguard for your four-legged family members while helping to ease the financial stress of unexpected vet bills, but we know it can get confusing to choose between them and make sure you’re making the best choice for you and your pet. That’s why we’ve broken down the top 5 pet insurance companies in Canada in this article, and given you our pick based on a number of criteria. 

How Does Pet Insurance Work in Canada?

Honestly, pet insurance for dogs and cats is like health insurance for people - It helps pay for unexpected medical expenses and vet bills. Pet insurance policies in Canada typically cover the following: 

  • Vet expenses related to sudden illness
  • Accidents
  • Hospitalization 
  • Emergency care
  • Surgery
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Prescriptions

Research is key to figuring out what pet insurance company will offer the coverage you are looking for. Policies can get tricky when reading as most policies will cover accidents & illnesses but exclude pre-existing conditions. Then there can also be yearly benefit maximums and a waiting period before coverage kicks in which means getting pet insurance before your dog gets sick is key. 

For example, Pets Plus Us has a 48-hour waiting period for accidents, 14-day waiting period for illness, and a 6 month waiting period for injuries like cruciate ligament and intervertebral disc disease. The devil is in the details so make sure you read the fine print to get the care you and your pet are looking for. 

Vet with boston terrier

What Pet Insurance Doesn't Cover

Some common pet insurance exclusions are: 

  • Dietary & nutritional supplements
  • Pet Food  
  • Grooming
  • Preventive Care
  • Spaying/Neutering
  • Vaccinations
  • Flea/Worming Medication.
  • Pet Property Damage
  • Personal Liability Claims
  • Cosmetic Surgeries 

*If you like an insurance company that does not offer preventive care like vaccines, spaying and neuters, dentals, or routine checkups you may want to consider a Wellness Plan add-on. 

Are Pre-Existing Conditions Covered?

One of the most common requests when looking up pet insurance is where can I find pet insurance that covers pre-existing conditions? Unfortunately, there are no pet insurance companies that will cover any pre-existing conditions in your dog or cat. This includes injuries or illnesses that your pet suffered from before your pet insurance started. 

3 Things to Consider When Looking at Pet Insurance…

There are three key things you should consider when looking at both cat and dog insurance

  1. Does the company you are considering cover medical expenses (this may seem silly but some basic plans exclude this) 
  2. How much coverage do you want or need? Are you looking for a company that will cover routine visits & vaccines on top of illnesses and accidents?  
  3. Make sure you fully understand the policy terms & conditions before you purchase it. With all the legal jargon and confusing language pet insurance policies can get confusing, fast. Make sure you know what you are getting before committing!
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How Much Will It Cost? 

When it comes time to enroll you want to ensure the plan you are choosing provides sufficient coverage while remaining affordable as the cost of pet insurance can get expensive. 

The monthly cost of pet insurance averages around $50 for dogs and $30 for cats. Your premium may be higher or lower depending on: 

  1. Your pets age and breed
  2. Where you are located
  3. If you have any customizations or add-ons

For example:

  • For a 2-year-old Labradoodle weighing about 30lbs in Vancouver, BC could cost about $50-$70/month
  • For a 5-year-old Golden Retriever in Toronto, Ontario pet insurance can start at $120 and go up to $378/month
  • And for a 9-year-old cat in Vancouver, BC, pet insurance costs start at $49/month

Pet Insurance Comparison

There are quite a few different pet insurance companies out there like Costco pet insurance & Desjardins Pet Insurance that offer both cat insurance and dog insurance. Below is a pet insurance comparison chart that helps break down the top insurance companies as well as our top choice for pet insurance in Canada.  

A few popular companies that focus solely on pet insurance are: 

Pet Insurance Comparison

Family with Labradoodle


Trupanion is a little different from other pet insurance policies - instead, they work directly with your veterinarian. What this means is that you pay a deductible and that’s it, they pay the rest directly to the vet clinic. 


✅ High level protection 

✅ Variable deductibles to fit budgets or all sizes 

✅ Available 24/7, across Canada


❌ Only cover cats and dogs up to 14-years-old

❌ 30 day waiting period

❌ No wellness care package available 

❌ No multipet discount


Petsecure Pet Insurance

There are four different policy options that are offered at Petsecure: Secure 1, Secure 2, Secure 3, and Secure 4. There is a customary waiting period regardless of which tier you choose before you will be able to be full insured. Although varying in price, all 4 tiers reimburse your veterinarian costs up to 80%


✅ Will reimburse exam fees and routine dental care

✅ Additional benefits include boarding, holiday cancelation coverage, lost pet advertising, and burial service fees

✅10% discount applied for homes with more than 3 animals registered 


❌ The most expensive animal to cover is a male dog

❌ All 4 tiered policies are on the expensive side

Girl with her red toy poodle

Furkin Pet Insurance

Relatively new to the pet insurance scene, Furkin launched in Canada in mid 2021. Their focus is on flexible lifetime coverage and healthy perks. They offer around the clock telehealth which gives 24/7 support to pet parents in need of guidance from veterinary care nurses. Their policy pricing is dependent upon your dog's age, size, breed, and location. 


✅ Will reimburse exam fees and routine dental care

✅ Additional benefits include boarding, holiday cancelation coverage, lost pet advertising, and burial service fees

✅10% discount applied for homes with more than 3 animals registered 

✅ Covers some preventive care like parasites


❌ The most expensive animal to cover is a male dog

❌ All 4 tiered policies are on the expensive side


Pets Plus Us

While Pets Plus Us is a Canadian company they are not as popular as some of the other pet insurance options. Their policies include extra benefits and coverage at no added cost but comes with a much tighter restriction and exclusion on pet eligibility.


✅ Policies cover exam fees

✅ Coverage is available for alternative therapies

✅ Microchipped pets receive a discount


❌ Reimbursement options are limited

❌ Certain conditions can exclude pets from their illness coverage

Golden Retriever with Family

Fetch Pet Insurance - Our Pick for Best Canadian Pet Insurance

Transferable from Canada and into the USA, Fetch offers policies for both dogs and cats. They were formally known as PetPlan Canada and have over 40 years of experience in the pet insurance industry. They offer a generous allowance for holistic therapies, virtual vet visits, and behavioral treatments that many other companies exclude. They are the number one pick for holistic coverage options as they also offer discounts for pets rescued from shelters or rescues.


✅ No enrollment fee (you can cancel anytime)

✅ Coverage for breeds with hereditary problems

✅ Can be reimbursed up to 90% in as little as two days via direct deposit

✅ Exam fees are covers 

✅ Trusted by no-kill shelters in Canada & the USA


❌ Policies can start to get expensive

❌ Does not cover routine and preventive care (spaying/neutering), teeth cleaning, vaccines) 


At the end of the day you want to adjust your pets insurance plan according to their needs and your household lifestyle. If you are avid travelers then make sure your pet insurance covers accidents that happen outside of Canada. Maybe you don’t like the idea of waiting for the trial period to be over or having a waiting period for insurance money after you make a claim. Companies like Trupanion Canada pet insurance offer direct billing to your vet so you don’t have to worry about paying large amounts out of pocket. 

Take the time to research and go in depth to find out what really is the best pet insurance company for you and your pet. 



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