Trendiest Dog Names of 2022

Trendiest Dog Names of 2022

Congratulations on winning at life! You’re a puppy parent now and your world has just been shifted in the best possible way. According to Rover, some of the most popular names of 2022 are Luna, Bella, Daisy, Max, Charlie, and Bear! 

So what does it take to find the perfect puppy name? Will they be unique dog names? The cool dog names? Maybe they are the cute dog names that everyone melts and fawns over? With the endless possibilities of names for your new puppy we searched to the ends of the internet to find you a list of names, with a little something for everyone. 

For dogs who stop to smell the flowers 

lab puppy in front of flowers

You know who they are - the flower power-mosy along-find a nice spot under the trees to relax- type of puppy. 

  1. Daisy 
  2. Lily
  3. Delilah
  4. Juniper
  5. Poppy

For dogs who love to Netflix binge

If Netflix & chill are the vibe then we are here for it. Get cozy, grab the popcorn, and snuggle up with the best 4-legged snuggle buddy you could have.

  1. Arturo
  2. Archie
  3. Betty
  4. Dexter
  5. Rue

For dogs who can for sure see colour 

puppy running through grass

Dogs are colourblind, we know that… but sometimes our dogs don’t...

  1. Amber
  2. Blu
  3. Hazel
  4. Scarlet
  5. Violet

For the dogs whose pawrents know their crystals & gems 

Is there anything more elegant than to name your pup after a crystal or gem? Asking for a friend. 

  1. Diamond
  2. Jade
  3. Onyx 
  4. Opal
  5. Ruby

For the canines who know when game day is 

It’s game day boys and girls! Get your jerseys out because it’s going to be a good match. Just make sure your pup doesn’t try to get the ball ;) 

  1. Ace
  2. Ali
  3. Kobe
  4. Shaq
  5. Venus

For the traveling pups (or those home-bodied canines who wish they traveled)

traveling puppy

To travel with your pup, or not to travel with your pup - that is the question

  1. Atlas 
  2. Brooklyn
  3. Dakota
  4. Dallas
  5. Phoenix

For the dogs who channel their inner wolves and are basically one with nature

You know the dog who prefers to sleep outside, or maybe they like to spend every waking moment outside, yea, you know who I’m talking about. 

  1. Sky
  2. River
  3. Rain
  4. Stormy
  5. Sunny

For the extroverted puppy 

They’re like the popular kids in school or the guy that does his errands and makes friends with everyone… you just can’t help but be drawn to their little puppy presence. 

  1. Chase
  2. Ryder
  3. Riley
  4. Maya
  5. Molly

For the stunning black dogs who move like the night

black puppy

These are the dogs that stop people in their tracks saying “that is a stunning dog”. There are a few black dog names out there including the perfect one for your dog. 

  1. Cosmo
  2. Ebony
  3. Jet
  4. Midnight
  5. Raven

For the punny pawrents who just can’t help themselves 

Puns. You know who you are Pawrents, and now everyone else will know that you’re a pun lover based on your dog's name. 

  1. Arf Vader
  2. Bark Obama
  3. Chew Barka
  4. Furdinand 
  5. Jimmy Chew

For doge who will never feel shame around eating #selflove

Baby, treat yo self - but make sure to be healthy about it. 

(Pro Tip - check out this fresh dog food that will actually benefit your dog when they eat)

  1. Ginger
  2. Nacho
  3. Pickles
  4. Raisin
  5. Won Ton

For the Disney-addicted dog family

 dalmatian puppy

So we didn’t plan to call out almost everyone in the world…. But here we are. Hands up if Bambi is the perfect name for a chihuahua…

  1. Bambi
  2. Baloo
  3. Kona
  4. Simba
  5. Stitch 

For the goodest rescue warrior

To the best pup who can now know what it’s like to rest instead of being a warrior now that they are home with you. 

  1. Hercules 
  2. Khaleesi
  3. Thor
  4. Xena
  5. Zelda

For the fluffiest dog you have ever seen

There’s no way you’re going to be looking at someone's fluffy dogs and not commenting on how they look like a teddy bear, it’s just not possible. 

  1. Bear
  2. Coco
  3. Chewy
  4. King
  5. Princess
woman holding her puppy

Best female dog name 

The stats are in and the number one female dog name of 2022 is Luna! If you don’t feel your pup is a Luna, that’s ok, there’s literally hundreds or thousands of names out there to choose from.

Best male dog name

The number one male dog name of 2022 is Max! It’s a good boy name for sure, but not every dog has the Max vibe. Ultimately the best dog names for a male puppy is going to be the one you choose. 

Since naming your puppy is probably going to be the first thing you do, remember to get their dog name tags so they can proudly wear them so if they ever get lost they can be returned to you. 

You can find more puppy information here: 

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