Vancouver cat adoption and dog rescue during COVID-19 - Part 2

Vancouver cat adoption and dog rescue during COVID-19 - Part 2

As mentioned in our previous post, rescue shelters and adoption agencies across BC are struggling to keep up with the cost of animal care while being closed to the public due to social distancing rules. Spreading the word on their challenges can raise awareness and help these important charities to continue taking care of our animal friends.

There are 3 major ways you and I can help these organizations: adopting, donating, and spreading the word

Donate to local charities 

Give to these BC registered charities for emergency medical and care costs for homeless animals.


A Voice 4 Paws

Cross our Paws

North Vancouver Animal Shelter

Wildlife Rescue Society

LEASH Animal Welfare Society

Vancouver Humane Society

Dogway Dog Rescue

Victoria Humane Society

Buy virtual training classes

Looking for ways to keep your pet happy and calm during a stressful time? 

Toronto Humane Society is offering virtual training classes for dogs and cats! These classes are great for pet owners who want to continue their pet's training during COVID-19. They also have cat consultations and training available to teach new tricks and address behavioural challenges in your cat. THS offers both virtual group classes and one on one sessions so you can select how to participate.

Participate in a fun calendar contest! 

If your best friend is budding model, try your luck at the BCSPCA's calendar contest to win them a spot on their 2021 calendar. 

Simply upload your pet's best picture on their website and invite your friends to donate in support. You'll up your pet's chances of becoming a bona fide model, and also support a good cause.

Sign up to Foster 

During these difficult times some pet owners may have to give away their pet due to reasons like job loss and inability to afford vet care for their pet. That’s where foster parents can step in to to give loving homes to these pets.

If you’re not yet ready for the full-time commitment of owning a pet, fostering a cat, kitten, or dog can be an amazing experience. Organizations like the ones below are accepting foster applications now. Keep in mind that you may not get to actually foster until social distancing rules have been lifted. 

Small Dog Rescue BC

Home at Last Dog Rescue

Loved at Last Dog Rescue

Furever Freed Dog Rescue


If you know a charity that is in need right now, let us know and we will update this list. So there you have it, a list of things you can do to help your local animal rescue organizations survive during this difficult time. 

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