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What is a fresh pet food diet?

Posted by Sarah Fernando on
What is a fresh pet food diet?

Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

A fresh pet food diet means that real ingredients from farmers and butchers are cut and prepared into a nutritionally balanced pet food exactly the same way a meal for humans is prepared. Like your own healthy diet, a fresh diet for your cat or dog means that meals are not comprised of artificial additives, fillers and synthetic vitamins and minerals. It means that ingredients are carefully selected and proportioned to meet your pet's daily nutritional requirements. A fresh diet needs to be frozen or refrigerated because artificial preservatives have not been added to keep them shelf-stable.

There are many amazing benefits to a fresh diet. Fresh ingredients allow your cat and dog to get the full nutrient profile of a whole food including the healthy fats, nutrients and antioxidants in that food. Unlike dry or canned foods that have been processed repeatedly to the point of losing any semblance to the original ingredients, freshly prepared meals are as close to the original state of the food as the meals you cook for yourself.  

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