Best Local Dog Food Brands in Vancouver

Best Local Dog Food Brands in Vancouver

The pet food world is filled with a multitude of different diets, brands and information, making it difficult to cut through the noise and select a great product for your pet’s unique needs. As a local small business ourselves, we at Kafka’s Organic are big believers in supporting local, not only because it creates community, but also because it

🌱 Reduces the footprint of manufacturing overseas and shipping long distances
🌱  Supports the local economy with job creation and employment
🌱  Supports farmers and local small-scale producers of goods, creating a circular system
🌱  Reduces waste 
🌱  Higher quality (It’s usually personal and local companies take pride in the goods they offer their community)

In Vancouver, we are lucky to have local producers of every type of product, including great quality dog food! Especially during these times of difficulty for all, we believe in supporting small businesses as much as possible. That's why we compiled a list of awesome Vancouver area dog food producers so you too can shop local for your pups and pooches! (Spoiler alert, we included ourselves on this list! 🤷‍♀️) 

Dry Food/Kibble

Dog with Food bowl 

Kibble is still a pet parent favourite because of its convenience and relatively lower cost. Not all dogs thrive on a full dry diet however. Heavy processing methods like extrusion used to manufacture dry dog food makes it difficult to get wholesome nutrition in these diets without adding synthetic ingredients, additives and preservatives. 

But if you’re going to include kibble in your dog’s food bowl, we recommend these local companies over big box store brands because of their higher quality and commitment to sustainability.  


Located in Fraser Valley, BC, Petcurean creates premium quality dry food like GO! and GATHER using natural ingredients. 

Earth Options

Made with ingredients sourced in North America without corn, wheat, soy or byproducts, we love that Earth Options makes a commitment to high quality ingredients and sustainable sourcing. 


Dog holding a chunk of raw meat

Raw pet food is great for dogs experiencing food allergies on commercial diets and pet parents looking to give higher quality unprocessed food to their pets. We support raw feeding as a good option for allergies and skin and coat issues (But we obviously think gently-cooked fresh food is better for multiple reasons!). Check out these local companies for natural good quality raw food  


IrRAWsistible is a small, family-owned pet food company located in Langley, B.C. with a manufacturing base in Vancouver.  Their patties are great for convenient feeding, and we love that they also use human grade meat. 

Red Dog Blue Kat

Like us, Red Dog Blue Kat uses only humanely raised animal meat and wild caught fish because of the belief that animals raised in humane, stress-free conditions are healthier. 

Rocky Mountain Raw

Rocky Mountain Raw is based out of Abbotsford, British Columbia and produce their food in the Fraser Valley. Being a family-owned company, we appreciate their commitment to sourcing great ingredients and not using chemicals, preservatives, fillers or added sugar and salt in their recipes. 

Fresh Food

Kafka’s Organic

Dog smacking lips after finishing meal

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we provide the best (and only) fresh dog food in Vancouver! Gently cooked fresh food is easier to feed than raw because it does not require extra sanitation steps. In addition to high quality locally sourced proteins like Lean Beef, Lean Turkey, Pacific Wild Salmon, Cod and Rockfish being the 1st ingredient, all our wet dog food recipes include superfoods like Sweet potato, Bone broth, Organic kale, Omega-3 Fish oil, and Organic Safflower or Flaxseed Oil to support holistic health and vitality.

Each ingredient is carefully selected to formulate a naturally balanced and complete diet, and we deliver fresh pet meals to your door if you live in Greater Vancouver. Learn more about our fresh dog food recipes below. 


Bowl of treats

Vancouver is home to many treat manufacturers and small scale producers of premium dog treats, and we love that we are surrounded by such an animal loving community of local companies! Here are a few of our favourites. Stay tuned for a more complete list in the future!  

Better Bickies 

Better Bickies is a family-run business located in Squamish that makes organic dog treats from ingredients sourced in North America. What's great about this company is that they handcraft their recipes and use real, whole foods. 

Paws Bento

Founded by an awesome #GirlBoss and her Corgi, Kiki, this company makes 100% natural dehydrated treats. Their online ordering and delivery makes it convenient to get your hands on some of these tasty treats for your doggo.

Strait to Summit 

Strait to Summit makes farm to table healthy treats right here in the Fraser Valley. Their company supports independent agriculture and regenerative farming practices, sourcing from small farms and producers. We love their commitment to sustainable sourcing. 

So there you have it, plenty of options in Vancouver, BC for buying tasty, nutritious and LOCAL food for your pups!  

Kafka's Organic Dog Food and Dog Eating

About Kafka’s Organic

Kafka’s Organic is a fresh pet food company based in Vancouver, BC which provides home delivery of gently cooked fresh meals for cats and dogs. All Kafka’s Organic limited ingredient recipes are made with locally-sourced high quality ingredients, and are suitable for pets with allergies, sensitive stomach, and picky eaters. Learn more.   

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